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Stuart Mayhew

Aspect Landesign

Stuart Mayhew, from Aspect Landesign, is a Landscape Designer working out of Melbourne who specialises in using digital 3D Design Concepts to illustrate his work.

Stuart has been at the forefront of 3D Landscape Design Presentation, in particular, for private residential clients.

Stuart also does contract 3D rendering for Landscape Architects and Designers, in Melbourne, throughout Australia and internationally.

These renders can be in a loose hand drawn or watercolour style or more photorealistic, with lights and reflections.

'Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your fantastic product!

I use a huge range of clipmaps and photorealistic entourage in my 3D Landscape Design work but I have not found any other images that match the quality of yours. They work particularly well in the foreground of a composition, where their superb detail is evident.

I am finding, too, that many of the plants in your collection, for example the Cordylines and Phormiums, are very useful in Contemporary Landscape Designs.

Your Collection fills a much needed gap not only for this region but worldwide and your forthcoming range of Australian native Plants will only add to that.'

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