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$346   US $89

Bundle price includes 'all' file formats listed

Bundle includes the entire range of Enviro Graphic tree and plant products. Click to preview the included plants.

ArchiCAD 13 render

ArchiCAD 13 render

SketchUp render

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© Copyright Stuart Mayhew

  Accent your architectural & landscape designs

Plant some nature into your architectural and landscape designs with the ‘Enviro Graphic Plant Bundle ' - a beautiful collection of 294 unique trees and plants. Show your clients what the site will really look like by adding local, adopted, and exotic architectural species.

We worked closely with several landscape architects and plant breeders from Australia, NZ, UK and the USA to ensure a diverse range of popular species suitable for a range of climates.

This royalty free collection is ideal for architectural visualizations, 3d renders, landscape design, photomontage, 3d animation, specifying graphics, print and general multimedia design

Simple to use

The JPEG+ALPHA map or PNG versions of the plants will work in most 3d software. For 2D elevations or perspectives, simply open the Photoshop versions - and copy and paste them onto your image. For SketchUp, Chief Architect, Envisioneer, and Realtime Landscaping Architect - simply import and place the plants straight into your 3D perspective or plan view.

What plants do I get?

A diverse collection of 294 trees and plants from both hemispheres. All file formats are included in the price, you can download the plants in every available format - or just the file formats you require.

Download the preview contact sheets Preview the trees and plants
Right click and 'Save As'

Download 5 free samples: Right click and 'Save As'

Photoshop,   PNG,   SketchUp,   Artlantis,  

Chief Architect,   Realtime Landscaping Architect

Have a look at our user gallery  to see some of the plants in use.


The plants and trees come in the following formats:

SketchUp 6 and above (SKP component models)
ArchiCAD 12 and above (PNG billboards)
Chief Architect x5 and above (calibz)
Realtime Landscaping Architect (all versions)
Photoshop CS and above (each plant on transparent layer)
PNG - Compatible with many 2d and 3d applications
JPEG + ALPHA - Suitable for many 3d applications
Artlantis 5 and above (.atlo billboards)

How good are they?

We have invested over 2800 hours producing this stunning plant bundle for over 6 years. Every single tree and plant has been meticulously hand traced, some of the more detailed trees can take more than 80 hours to complete.

So, what do our customers think? A small selection of customer e-mail feedback on our plants can be found at the bottom of this page.

We put so much effort into quality that all our products are backed up with a 30 day money back guarantee - no questions asked.


Q: Do the plants work in Autodesk Revit?

A: At this time, the only way to make the plants compatible with Revit is by converting them into RPC format. The PNG versions of our plants can be converted into RPC format using the Archvision RPC Creator. To use Archvisions the RPC Creator requires a paid subscription. Please visit Archvision for further detalis:

Q: Will the plants work in VectorWorks?

A: Both the PNG and JPEG + Alpha versions of our plants can be converted into VectorWorks Image Props. For a quick tutorial on creating Image Props, visit:

If you already subscribe to VectorWorks Service Select, Enviro Graphic Plants are included
in the Service Select NZ Plant database. Please contact Nemetschek for further information:

Q: Will the plants work in ArchiCAD?

A: The included .PNG files
will work in ArchiCAD. They can be loaded via the "Custom Bitmap" option via the "Object/ Visualization/ Garden" menu.

Q: Do I
need to purchase multiple licences if our business will be using the plants on more than one computer?

A: The plants can be used on multiple computers at one physical location (office) without the need to purchase additional licences. If the product will be used at multiple geographic locations, please order one copy per location. EG. You have an office in San Francisco and Los Angeles, you will need to order 2 of the product if both locations intend to use the plants.

Download Size:

Photoshop: 2.13 GB
SketchUp: 529 MB
PNG: 931 MB
Cadsoft Envisioneer 441 MB
Chief Architect 489 MB
Realtime Landscaping Architect 662 MB

Artlantis: 1.6 GB

Please note: Each format has been broken down into smaller .zip files. This makes downloading more manageable. A total of 11 .zip file links will be e-mailed once your order has been placed.
Instant Download

US $89

A set of secure download links will be sent to your e-mail address immediately after purchase. Occasionally, some e-mail filters treat the download e-mail as junk due to the number of links included. Please check your junk folder if you do not receive the download e-mail after your order is processed.


Bundle contents. Click images to enlarge
topiary preview
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6 7
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Eniro Graphic would like to thank the following landscape architectural firms for supplying data, photography, and feedback for this product. Please click the logos for more information about them.

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