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Located on Waiheke Island - New Zealand, Enviro Graphic was started by graphic designer Andrew Dale.

Andrew has many years experience within the computer graphics industry including animation, photographic retouching, graphic design and aerial photography.

After obtaining his pilot licence, Andrew became involved with several other pilots in creating computer based flight simulation environments using GIS data and orthophotography:

"I required ready made images of southern pacific plants I could convert into 3d models for the simulation and discovered no one was making them. I created my own and realised other industries required high quality flora for 2d,3d and print - Enviro Graphic was born"

Enviro Graphic aim to create a large library of southern pacific native flora from Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Unique plant life from the southern hemisphere is becoming very popular in modern landscaping throughout the world with nurseries in the United Kingdom and USA specialising in the supply of southern pacific native flora.

Specialising in high resolution photo real nature and environmental stock graphics, our products are designed to save time and money for busy architectural practices, landscape architects and visual designers using industry standard 2d and 3d applications.

A wide range of industries and professionals use our imagery including:

Landscape architects
3D animators
VIZ artists
Regional councils
Film & Television producers
Sign writers
Screen printers
Graphic\ web designers
Advertising agencies
Print publishers

Enviro Graphic have a wealth of experience in image editing and a reputation for outstanding quality.

If you have a project and think Enviro Graphic might be able to help, send an e-mail to:

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